Anyone who has an interest in Ouija Boards will have heard of Demon most commonly referred to as ZoZo, but is it all hype? 

I have been researching the ZoZo Phenomena for a few years now, and amongst the clearly fake videos and accounts of experiences with this entity, there have also been a fair few believable accounts to continue to fuel my fascination with the subject. Most commonly, ZoZo seems to be contacted through the use of a Ouija Board (though I have found evidence that other forms of communication have led to similar encounters with the entity) and the majority of people who have fallen victim to this Demon strongly suggest you end the session as soon as you believe that the spirit you’re in communication with is ZoZo. 

When conducting a Ouija Board Session there are a few standard occurrences that reportedly suggest that you may be in communication with ZoZo. The most common occurrence seems to be that of the Planchette moving in arc-motions (or rainbow motions) across the board as it spells its name (be it ZoZo, or the many other suggested linked names such as ZaZa, MaMa, Oz, Zo, Za and Abacus), a rapid figure-eight motion is also quite common. Most worrying, however, would be the sense of unease, and/or depression throughout or after the session. 

Now, these ‘warning signs’, if you will, don’t necessarily sit pretty with me. I enjoy a Ouija Board session, and I can pretty much guarantee that I’ve had most of these occurrences in every session I’ve conducted. Figure-of-eight motions always felt to me like a spirit attempting to build up energy, the same goes for the rainbow-effect. I even communicated with a spirit not too long ago who spelled out the name ZoZo, with that aforementioned perfect rainbow-effect, but gave me very little else (I don’t believe for one moment it was ZoZo, and more than likely it was a different spirit trying to play games with me… Sweetheart, I don’t scare easily!) aside from an attempt at what I assume was a threat ‘Kill, Stab’, but without any uneasy atmosphere or a sense of fear, it’s safe to say I wasn’t threatened nor did I pay it any attention once the board was closed. I’m definitely of the belief that your mental state during a Ouija Session determines the type of communication you will receive. If you’re anxious or scared, you’re more likely to make conversation with a spirit that wants to scare you. I’ve also never found the a Ouija Board session ccreates activity afterwards. I’m aware of the spirits in my home, and know when a new one makes itself comfortable, and I’ve never been plagued with a spirit after a session. So where does that leave us with ZoZo? 

A book published in 1818 ‘Dictionnaire Infernal’, mentions ZoZo as a demon that accompanied by Mimi and Crapoulet possessed a young girl in Teilly in 1816. It certainly peaks my interest knowing another name associated with ZoZo happens to be that of MaMa. However, translated from its original publication in French to English, the story of the girl is revealed to have been a hoax. She wasn’t nor had she ever been possessed and was ‘condemned to perpetual imprisonment’ for her hoaxed Demonic Possession. I have been unable to find any further historical mentions of ZoZo, so are we dealing with a Demon at all? 

The most famous account of an encounter with ZoZo, and the one that pretty much everything related to ZoZo here on in links back to, is that of Darren Evans of Oklahoma. His original account surfaced in 2009, and since then a surge of ZoZo encounters have appeared across the Internet. He even appeared on Ghost Adventures at his home, and although I found the episode captivating to watch, I have since found myself finding holes in his story, which seems to change every time he tells it. One World Studios released a film ‘I am ZoZo’ in which he played a cameo role, and he has since co-written a book with renowned Paranormal Author Rosemary Ellen Guiley. My question is, did this actually happen, or has he found fame through hoaxing? 

I’m not suggesting for one minute that I believe he’s lying, I mean, memories can be altered when we’re under stress or trauma, and clearly he experienced something that caused him a great deal of stress. Alas, like those who allow ego to take control, I fear he’s walking a similar route to that of the likes of Derek Acorah. 

Back to ZoZo, do I believe there is an entity that uses the name ZoZo? 


Does it predate the human race? 


As a society we are more powerful than we actually realise. I believe the hype of ZoZo has created an entity which we now find fear in. In a similar situation to Slenderman, we have created a sentient entity, a Tulpa, who now plagues drunken teenagers brave enough to pick up a board from Toys R Us. 

Used properly, calmly, and with the right frame of mind, the Ouija Board is nothing more than a game, and great fun actually, but thanks to Darren Evans, we now have a new wave of the old-style Christian belief system that it is indeed ‘The Devil’s Board’. 

I will leave you with this, if you are going to conduct a Ouija Board session, do so with a good heart and a good sense of humour, don’t go into it scared, convinced you’re going to develop an attachment and die. 

Get Spooky,