Black Eyed Kids have become one of the fastest growing popular modern urban-legends in recent years, and I, like many others, am completely enthralled by the spine-tingling tales of this disturbing phenomena. 

I have been subject to a huge host of paranormal experiences in my life , some of which I plan to tell you about in upcoming posts, but as of yet, the BEKs still elude me, and I also know of very few BEK encounters here in the UK. 

My research has given me a few instances of BEKs in the area of Cannock Chase, UK, but these encounters don’t really fit the usual profile for these experiences. The first reported encounter with a BEK in the area of Cannock Chase dates back to the 1980s, but the sighting in 2015 seems to be the most famous encounter. My personal opinion on BEKs and the encounter experienced in Cannock Chase is that it’s possibly not a BEK, but a child spirit. 

In the September of 1965 and over the span of two years, three school girls were murdered in the area of Cannock Chase. Raymond Leslie Morris of Walsall was convicted of the murder of Christine Ann Darby, but was believed to be responsible for the deaths of Margaret Reynolds and Diana Joy Tift too. I’m not sure I’ve heard of BEK sightings linking to  historical deaths, but it could certainly be an interesting insight into the encounters. 

October 10th 2015, Paranormal Investigation group ‘Haunted Finders’ co-run by Tom Buckmaster were investigating the area, when they were chased and were subject to rocks being thrown at them by a child sprectre. During a spirit box session they received messages in the voice of a child saying ‘We’re watching, we’re looking’, and the more unnerving message ‘He’s coming.’ After the investigation they were reviewing their video footage and discovered a pretty creepy child spectre. It’s an impressive catch, but I’m not sure I personally believe this is a BEK, but please, make up your own mind!  This is Tom Buckmaster’s video

In October of 2014, a report emerged of a BEK on the London Underground, but it seems she has been the subject of a few encounters since the 1980s. The 2014 report comes from a man and his wife who were waiting for the Tube with their child when they became aware of the sound of a child giggling coming from the tunnel. Honestly, the sound of a child’s giggle is enough to unnerve most people, but what they experienced after that was downright chilling.  ‘To our amazement, a child, no taller than one meter in height appeared as if out of nowhere further up the track in front of us. We stopped dead in our tracks after noticing her eyes had no colour.’

During my research, I found myself quite excited to read about the encounter of a BEK in my own hometown of Newcastle. Having never heard this story before, it has certainly peaked my interest in the bar in question and may require further investigation. In December 2015, two young women were enjoying a Christmas party at a local bar ‘Harry’s Bar and Grill’ and took a picture of the decorations. Of course, upon reviewing the picture later, they discovered a truly chilling image of a girl with black eyes who obviously hadn’t been there before. 

I plan to collect some more ‘BEKs in the UK’ encounters, and if any of you have an encounters here in the UK please don’t hesitate to contact me and let me know! 

Get Spooky,

Sarah-May xxx