There have been few stories in recent years that have seriously caught my attention with something as simple as a title, but  I was sold on this particular story almost instantly. 

The story goes that on August 7th 1994, the area of Oakville Washington was subject to a bizarre occurrence during a rainstorm. In amongst the raindrops, the residents in the area discovered translucent blobs of a gelatinous nature and whether or not it was coincidental, a large proportion of those residents who had come into contact with those blobs, became ill. Most reported difficulties in breathing, vertigo, blurred vision and nausea, including one woman, Dotty Hearn, the mother of Sunny Barclift who owned a farmhouse in Oakville, who even visited hospital due to her sudden and unexplained illness after coming into contact with the gelatinous blobs. 

Hearn sent a sample of the blobs to her doctor who tested it and discovered it contained human white blood cells at which point a sample was sent to the Washington State Department of Health who noted it contained two types of bacteria, one of which is usually found in the digestive system. The discovery of that particular bacteria led to a speculation that it had come from the waste disposal of an aeroplane, but Federal Regulations state that the waste should be dyed blue and that the pilots are not to jettison the ‘blue ice’ whilst in flight. 

Discovering this story of course, made me aware of other similar occurrences across the world! Yes, you read that correctly, there have been other reports of unexplained gelatinous blobs!  

In November 1846, a 4ft luminous foul-smelling jelly-like object fell from the sky in Lowville New York, and disappeared almost as quickly as it appeared. 

In 1950 Police officers in Philadelphia Pennsylvania discovered a domed disc of quivering jelly almost 6ft in diameter. They attempted to pick the unexplained mass up and caused it to dissolve into an odourless sticky scum. This event actually inspired the 1958 movie ‘The Blob’. 

Police report regarding the blob

These reports don’t just cover The States either, in Kempton Australia in 1996, a meteor was reported to have shot across the sky on November 3rd and residents woke up the next morning to discover translucent slime in their lawns and on the sidewalks. 

Get Spooky!

Sarah-May x