A Dybbuk is a restless, usually malicious spirit believed to be able to haunt, harm and even possess the living. It stands to reason that a Dybbuk Box therefore is a box that holds inside one of these malevolent spirits. 

One of the most famous accounts of a Dybbuk Box comes from a Kevin Mannis in the U.S. In 2003, Mannis purchased a Dybbuk Box at an estate sale. It had belonged to a Holocaust survivor, Havela, who had escaped to Spain. Whilst in Spain, before Immigrating to the U.S she purchased a Wine Cabinet, which, after her death, the family decided to sell. When Mannis purchased the box, family members warned him that a Dybbuk was said to live inside , and that they desperately didn’t want the box. Mannis owned an antiques and furnishing shop and so brought the box back to his shop and left it in his workshop. Almost immediately, he began having issues. 

He received an hysterical phone call from his salesperson whilst out of work, claiming that someone was in the workshop, smashing glass and swearing loudly. She had also discovered herself to be locked in the shop and was completely unable to get out. When Mannis returned to the shop, he investigated his workshop and discovered 9 light bulbs and 10 four foot fluorescent tubes were smashed! Of course, there was no intruder found, and with only one entrance to the workshop he would have surely crossed paths with a flesh and bone person. The salesperson never returned to work and refused to talk about the experience. 

Once opened, the contents of the box (aside from the Dybbuk of course) were also unnerving. He found inside, two locks of hair, a small ‘Shalom’ engraved statue, a golden wine goblet, a dried rose bud, and a candle holder with four octopus-shaped legs. These contents correlate with European ‘Spirit Vessel’ rituals, which begs the question, was the Dybbuk known and was this an example of a necromancy ritual? 

During the time that Mannis owned the box, he claims he was plagued with nightmares, and those same nightmares were experienced by later owners of the box and also anyone who happened to stay in his home. He decided to gift the box to his mother (why?!) and she suffered a stroke the day she received it. 

Iosif Neitzke was the last owner of the box to actually auction it on EBay and ensured it came with a warning, stating that he box burned all of the lights in his home out and also caused him to lose all of his hair. Despite reading these stories, Jason Haxton bought the box, and of course, developed health problems shortly after. 

Until recently, the box remained hidden for the safety of those around Haxton, but now, Zak Bagans is the proud new owner of the box and will be displaying it in his Haunted Museum in Las Vegas. If you want to view the box, there are rules…. You must be over 18 and you must sign a waiver in order to see it! 

Now, if you’re still interested in owning one of these Dybbuk boxes, I’ve done a little research for you, and these boxes are available on eBay! Obviously there are a few that I’m a little dubious about, but for back story, certificate of quality assurance and an added intriguing wax-sealed envelope with contents only the eyes of the owner should see, This Box for sale should be everything you could need in an antique, occult in its purest form auction. 

Get spooky,

Sarah-May x