Not a phantom number 7 bus but a creepy picture nonetheless

Night buses have been operational across London since 1913, and let’s be fair, night buses are never a pleasant experience, but none as unpleasant as the Phantom Number 7 bus.

Late one night in the 1930s, a motorist was travelling down Cambridge Gardens when he was suddenly seen to swerve violently before hitting a wall and bursting into flames. During the inquest, witnesses began coming forward with tales of a red double-decker bus bearing the number 7, that raced towards the motorist haphazardly causing the car to veer off the road before completely disappearing. The creepiest part of this? The bus had no driver! 

These incidents continued for a few years and then started up again in the 1990s! Recent articles suggest that late night revellers actually boarded the phantom bus never to be seen again, I’m not particularly convinced by this rumour but I felt it an interesting addition. 

Have any of my UK readers heard of this story… Or better still have any of you seen the Phantom Number 7 bus?!