Believed to have been first brought to the public eye in 1998 by a Texan Reporter Brian Bethel, stories of ‘Black Eyed Children’ have continued to be prevalent world-wide, with numerous news articles, Creepypasta posts, and even a horror film focusing on the desperate intruders. 

Whilst the majority of you will have no doubt heard of this relatively recent phenomenon, some of you may have been living in a ‘Black Eyed Children’-free world until reading this post (Your life will never be the same now that you’re aware of their existence!), So click here for Buzzfeed’s ‘insightful’ article regarding the ‘Black-Eyed Children’ during the increase of sightings in the UK in 2014. Although their terminology and satire is crude, their scepticism is not entirely unfounded. 

So, onto the main topic of this blog….. Two ‘Black-Eyed Children’ were arrested??!! 

Supposed arrested ‘Black-Eyed Child’

I first heard this story on an episode of Beyond The Darkness Podcast on PodcastOne only last month, and immediately found myself searching for the evidence online. Surely if two ‘Black-Eyed Children’ had been arrested it would have made front page news?! The story goes that two pale, creepy looking teenagers with completely black eyes were caught gaining access to a hotel after seemingly causing the Hotel Receptionist to hand over a Master Key in a trance-like state before rushing to pull the fire alarm four minutes later. The two were discovered in a maintenance cupboard stealing staff clothing with the intent of gaining access to guest-rooms by posing as staff at the hotel. According to this story, the two were arrested and once examined by a medical professional, were deemed to be completely healthy 18 year olds, with naturally completely black eyes but they were being held in Police Custody and there haven’t been any further comments made by the police since. 

I have only found This Video account of this story online, and it’s not particularly detailed, but it does contain a photograph of one of the supposed ‘Black-Eyed Children’. The fact that there really isn’t anymore to discover on this ‘arrest’ definitely suggests to me that this is nothing more than an internet hoax on this occasion, but if any of you have been able to find more details on this case, please do let me know! 

Get Spooky! 

Sarah-May xxx