So I hadn’t originally planned to write a blog, but I’ve recently decided to add it to my investigatory arsenal. My friends know me as ‘Spooky Sarah-May’, and you’ll certainly find out why in the coming blog posts. 

My plan is to bring to you the best in Paranormal blogging; UFOs, Hauntings, Demons, Angels, unsolved mysteries, chilling factual stories, urban legends and anything else that might take my interest, and yours. I have a list of subjects I want to discuss at length, and some subjects I want to investigate further with Vlogs. I have some videos I’m editing as we speak including a spirit box session at the famous McKenzie Poltergeist Tomb in Edinburgh, and an investigation into an item that came from the one and only Bobby Mackey’s Music World! 

I just wanted to touch base and give an idea of what this blog will entail, so if you’re still interested…… Give me a follow to receive emails when I upload new blog posts! 

Get Spooky, 

Sarah-May x