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So I hadn’t originally planned to write a blog, but I’ve recently decided to add it to my investigatory arsenal. My friends know me as ‘Spooky Sarah-May’, and you’ll certainly find out why in the coming blog posts. 

My plan is to bring to you the best in Paranormal blogging; UFOs, Hauntings, Demons, Angels, unsolved mysteries, chilling factual stories, urban legends and anything else that might take my interest, and yours. I have a list of subjects I want to discuss at length, and some subjects I want to investigate further with Vlogs. I have some videos I’m editing as we speak including a spirit box session at the famous McKenzie Poltergeist Tomb in Edinburgh, and an investigation into an item that came from the one and only Bobby Mackey’s Music World! 

I just wanted to touch base and give an idea of what this blog will entail, so if you’re still interested…… Give me a follow to receive emails when I upload new blog posts! 

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ZoZo Demon…. Everyone’s favourite Ouija Board Trouble-Maker?

Anyone who has an interest in Ouija Boards will have heard of Demon most commonly referred to as ZoZo, but is it all hype? 

I have been researching the ZoZo Phenomena for a few years now, and amongst the clearly fake videos and accounts of experiences with this entity, there have also been a fair few believable accounts to continue to fuel my fascination with the subject. Most commonly, ZoZo seems to be contacted through the use of a Ouija Board (though I have found evidence that other forms of communication have led to similar encounters with the entity) and the majority of people who have fallen victim to this Demon strongly suggest you end the session as soon as you believe that the spirit you’re in communication with is ZoZo. 

When conducting a Ouija Board Session there are a few standard occurrences that reportedly suggest that you may be in communication with ZoZo. The most common occurrence seems to be that of the Planchette moving in arc-motions (or rainbow motions) across the board as it spells its name (be it ZoZo, or the many other suggested linked names such as ZaZa, MaMa, Oz, Zo, Za and Abacus), a rapid figure-eight motion is also quite common. Most worrying, however, would be the sense of unease, and/or depression throughout or after the session. 

Now, these ‘warning signs’, if you will, don’t necessarily sit pretty with me. I enjoy a Ouija Board session, and I can pretty much guarantee that I’ve had most of these occurrences in every session I’ve conducted. Figure-of-eight motions always felt to me like a spirit attempting to build up energy, the same goes for the rainbow-effect. I even communicated with a spirit not too long ago who spelled out the name ZoZo, with that aforementioned perfect rainbow-effect, but gave me very little else (I don’t believe for one moment it was ZoZo, and more than likely it was a different spirit trying to play games with me… Sweetheart, I don’t scare easily!) aside from an attempt at what I assume was a threat ‘Kill, Stab’, but without any uneasy atmosphere or a sense of fear, it’s safe to say I wasn’t threatened nor did I pay it any attention once the board was closed. I’m definitely of the belief that your mental state during a Ouija Session determines the type of communication you will receive. If you’re anxious or scared, you’re more likely to make conversation with a spirit that wants to scare you. I’ve also never found the a Ouija Board session ccreates activity afterwards. I’m aware of the spirits in my home, and know when a new one makes itself comfortable, and I’ve never been plagued with a spirit after a session. So where does that leave us with ZoZo? 

A book published in 1818 ‘Dictionnaire Infernal’, mentions ZoZo as a demon that accompanied by Mimi and Crapoulet possessed a young girl in Teilly in 1816. It certainly peaks my interest knowing another name associated with ZoZo happens to be that of MaMa. However, translated from its original publication in French to English, the story of the girl is revealed to have been a hoax. She wasn’t nor had she ever been possessed and was ‘condemned to perpetual imprisonment’ for her hoaxed Demonic Possession. I have been unable to find any further historical mentions of ZoZo, so are we dealing with a Demon at all? 

The most famous account of an encounter with ZoZo, and the one that pretty much everything related to ZoZo here on in links back to, is that of Darren Evans of Oklahoma. His original account surfaced in 2009, and since then a surge of ZoZo encounters have appeared across the Internet. He even appeared on Ghost Adventures at his home, and although I found the episode captivating to watch, I have since found myself finding holes in his story, which seems to change every time he tells it. One World Studios released a film ‘I am ZoZo’ in which he played a cameo role, and he has since co-written a book with renowned Paranormal Author Rosemary Ellen Guiley. My question is, did this actually happen, or has he found fame through hoaxing? 

I’m not suggesting for one minute that I believe he’s lying, I mean, memories can be altered when we’re under stress or trauma, and clearly he experienced something that caused him a great deal of stress. Alas, like those who allow ego to take control, I fear he’s walking a similar route to that of the likes of Derek Acorah. 

Back to ZoZo, do I believe there is an entity that uses the name ZoZo? 


Does it predate the human race? 


As a society we are more powerful than we actually realise. I believe the hype of ZoZo has created an entity which we now find fear in. In a similar situation to Slenderman, we have created a sentient entity, a Tulpa, who now plagues drunken teenagers brave enough to pick up a board from Toys R Us. 

Used properly, calmly, and with the right frame of mind, the Ouija Board is nothing more than a game, and great fun actually, but thanks to Darren Evans, we now have a new wave of the old-style Christian belief system that it is indeed ‘The Devil’s Board’. 

I will leave you with this, if you are going to conduct a Ouija Board session, do so with a good heart and a good sense of humour, don’t go into it scared, convinced you’re going to develop an attachment and die. 

Get Spooky,



BEKs in the UK?… The Search for British Black Eyed Kids

Black Eyed Kids have become one of the fastest growing popular modern urban-legends in recent years, and I, like many others, am completely enthralled by the spine-tingling tales of this disturbing phenomena. 

I have been subject to a huge host of paranormal experiences in my life , some of which I plan to tell you about in upcoming posts, but as of yet, the BEKs still elude me, and I also know of very few BEK encounters here in the UK. 

My research has given me a few instances of BEKs in the area of Cannock Chase, UK, but these encounters don’t really fit the usual profile for these experiences. The first reported encounter with a BEK in the area of Cannock Chase dates back to the 1980s, but the sighting in 2015 seems to be the most famous encounter. My personal opinion on BEKs and the encounter experienced in Cannock Chase is that it’s possibly not a BEK, but a child spirit. 

In the September of 1965 and over the span of two years, three school girls were murdered in the area of Cannock Chase. Raymond Leslie Morris of Walsall was convicted of the murder of Christine Ann Darby, but was believed to be responsible for the deaths of Margaret Reynolds and Diana Joy Tift too. I’m not sure I’ve heard of BEK sightings linking to  historical deaths, but it could certainly be an interesting insight into the encounters. 

October 10th 2015, Paranormal Investigation group ‘Haunted Finders’ co-run by Tom Buckmaster were investigating the area, when they were chased and were subject to rocks being thrown at them by a child sprectre. During a spirit box session they received messages in the voice of a child saying ‘We’re watching, we’re looking’, and the more unnerving message ‘He’s coming.’ After the investigation they were reviewing their video footage and discovered a pretty creepy child spectre. It’s an impressive catch, but I’m not sure I personally believe this is a BEK, but please, make up your own mind!  This is Tom Buckmaster’s video

In October of 2014, a report emerged of a BEK on the London Underground, but it seems she has been the subject of a few encounters since the 1980s. The 2014 report comes from a man and his wife who were waiting for the Tube with their child when they became aware of the sound of a child giggling coming from the tunnel. Honestly, the sound of a child’s giggle is enough to unnerve most people, but what they experienced after that was downright chilling.  ‘To our amazement, a child, no taller than one meter in height appeared as if out of nowhere further up the track in front of us. We stopped dead in our tracks after noticing her eyes had no colour.’

During my research, I found myself quite excited to read about the encounter of a BEK in my own hometown of Newcastle. Having never heard this story before, it has certainly peaked my interest in the bar in question and may require further investigation. In December 2015, two young women were enjoying a Christmas party at a local bar ‘Harry’s Bar and Grill’ and took a picture of the decorations. Of course, upon reviewing the picture later, they discovered a truly chilling image of a girl with black eyes who obviously hadn’t been there before. 

I plan to collect some more ‘BEKs in the UK’ encounters, and if any of you have an encounters here in the UK please don’t hesitate to contact me and let me know! 

Get Spooky,

Sarah-May xxx

The Gelatinous Blobs of Oakville

There have been few stories in recent years that have seriously caught my attention with something as simple as a title, but  I was sold on this particular story almost instantly. 

The story goes that on August 7th 1994, the area of Oakville Washington was subject to a bizarre occurrence during a rainstorm. In amongst the raindrops, the residents in the area discovered translucent blobs of a gelatinous nature and whether or not it was coincidental, a large proportion of those residents who had come into contact with those blobs, became ill. Most reported difficulties in breathing, vertigo, blurred vision and nausea, including one woman, Dotty Hearn, the mother of Sunny Barclift who owned a farmhouse in Oakville, who even visited hospital due to her sudden and unexplained illness after coming into contact with the gelatinous blobs. 

Hearn sent a sample of the blobs to her doctor who tested it and discovered it contained human white blood cells at which point a sample was sent to the Washington State Department of Health who noted it contained two types of bacteria, one of which is usually found in the digestive system. The discovery of that particular bacteria led to a speculation that it had come from the waste disposal of an aeroplane, but Federal Regulations state that the waste should be dyed blue and that the pilots are not to jettison the ‘blue ice’ whilst in flight. 

Discovering this story of course, made me aware of other similar occurrences across the world! Yes, you read that correctly, there have been other reports of unexplained gelatinous blobs!  

In November 1846, a 4ft luminous foul-smelling jelly-like object fell from the sky in Lowville New York, and disappeared almost as quickly as it appeared. 

In 1950 Police officers in Philadelphia Pennsylvania discovered a domed disc of quivering jelly almost 6ft in diameter. They attempted to pick the unexplained mass up and caused it to dissolve into an odourless sticky scum. This event actually inspired the 1958 movie ‘The Blob’. 

Police report regarding the blob

These reports don’t just cover The States either, in Kempton Australia in 1996, a meteor was reported to have shot across the sky on November 3rd and residents woke up the next morning to discover translucent slime in their lawns and on the sidewalks. 

Get Spooky!

Sarah-May x

The Dybbuk Box

A Dybbuk is a restless, usually malicious spirit believed to be able to haunt, harm and even possess the living. It stands to reason that a Dybbuk Box therefore is a box that holds inside one of these malevolent spirits. 

One of the most famous accounts of a Dybbuk Box comes from a Kevin Mannis in the U.S. In 2003, Mannis purchased a Dybbuk Box at an estate sale. It had belonged to a Holocaust survivor, Havela, who had escaped to Spain. Whilst in Spain, before Immigrating to the U.S she purchased a Wine Cabinet, which, after her death, the family decided to sell. When Mannis purchased the box, family members warned him that a Dybbuk was said to live inside , and that they desperately didn’t want the box. Mannis owned an antiques and furnishing shop and so brought the box back to his shop and left it in his workshop. Almost immediately, he began having issues. 

He received an hysterical phone call from his salesperson whilst out of work, claiming that someone was in the workshop, smashing glass and swearing loudly. She had also discovered herself to be locked in the shop and was completely unable to get out. When Mannis returned to the shop, he investigated his workshop and discovered 9 light bulbs and 10 four foot fluorescent tubes were smashed! Of course, there was no intruder found, and with only one entrance to the workshop he would have surely crossed paths with a flesh and bone person. The salesperson never returned to work and refused to talk about the experience. 

Once opened, the contents of the box (aside from the Dybbuk of course) were also unnerving. He found inside, two locks of hair, a small ‘Shalom’ engraved statue, a golden wine goblet, a dried rose bud, and a candle holder with four octopus-shaped legs. These contents correlate with European ‘Spirit Vessel’ rituals, which begs the question, was the Dybbuk known and was this an example of a necromancy ritual? 

During the time that Mannis owned the box, he claims he was plagued with nightmares, and those same nightmares were experienced by later owners of the box and also anyone who happened to stay in his home. He decided to gift the box to his mother (why?!) and she suffered a stroke the day she received it. 

Iosif Neitzke was the last owner of the box to actually auction it on EBay and ensured it came with a warning, stating that he box burned all of the lights in his home out and also caused him to lose all of his hair. Despite reading these stories, Jason Haxton bought the box, and of course, developed health problems shortly after. 

Until recently, the box remained hidden for the safety of those around Haxton, but now, Zak Bagans is the proud new owner of the box and will be displaying it in his Haunted Museum in Las Vegas. If you want to view the box, there are rules…. You must be over 18 and you must sign a waiver in order to see it! 

Now, if you’re still interested in owning one of these Dybbuk boxes, I’ve done a little research for you, and these boxes are available on eBay! Obviously there are a few that I’m a little dubious about, but for back story, certificate of quality assurance and an added intriguing wax-sealed envelope with contents only the eyes of the owner should see, This Box for sale should be everything you could need in an antique, occult in its purest form auction. 

Get spooky,

Sarah-May x

The Phantom Bus of Cambridge Gardens

Not a phantom number 7 bus but a creepy picture nonetheless

Night buses have been operational across London since 1913, and let’s be fair, night buses are never a pleasant experience, but none as unpleasant as the Phantom Number 7 bus.

Late one night in the 1930s, a motorist was travelling down Cambridge Gardens when he was suddenly seen to swerve violently before hitting a wall and bursting into flames. During the inquest, witnesses began coming forward with tales of a red double-decker bus bearing the number 7, that raced towards the motorist haphazardly causing the car to veer off the road before completely disappearing. The creepiest part of this? The bus had no driver! 

These incidents continued for a few years and then started up again in the 1990s! Recent articles suggest that late night revellers actually boarded the phantom bus never to be seen again, I’m not particularly convinced by this rumour but I felt it an interesting addition. 

Have any of my UK readers heard of this story… Or better still have any of you seen the Phantom Number 7 bus?! 

The Enfield Poltergeist

Enfield, England, 1977. 

Real poltergeist cases have been few and far between in recent times, but one of the most disputed and most famous cases of poltergeist activity comes from a small council house in the London Borough of Enfield in the late 1970s. 

Peggy Hodgson was a single parent of four children, two girls and two boys. The activity originated in August of 1977  and centred mostly around the two girls, Margaret aged 14 and Janet aged 11. Modern research suggests that Poltergeist activity is more common amongst pubescent teenagers, whether it is attracted to this age range or caused by it, and these girls certainly hit that benchmark. The claim began with a phone call to the local police department after daughter Janet complained that her bed was shaking and both girls had heard knocking on or in the walls. When the police arrived, they bore witness to a chair sliding across the room but ‘could not determine the cause of the movement’. 

During the months directly after the first incidents, the Society for Psychical Research became involved in intense investigations on the house and eventually the children themselves. 

Janet, the younger girl, became increasingly troubled by the activity and in essence, began to Channel a spirit called ‘Bill’, unknown to the family, who claimed he had died of a hemmorrhage in the living room of that very house (which was later confirmed by Bill’s son!). 

There have been a lot of further investigations as to whether or not Janet was indeed a Poltergeist Catalyst or in fact hoaxing the nation for some well-needed, Middle-Child attention. There are those who believe she was able to throw her voice, or create the voices that were documented as separate entities, as it has been said that the voice of Bill contained a lot of conversational traits in common with Janet herself. Whether you believe she was skilled at ventriloquism or not, the voice on the Original recordings of ‘Bill’ as Janet channelled him for the investigators is still unnerving. 

The initial investigators Maurice Grosse and Guy Playfair held the belief that most of the activity surrounding the Enfield Poltergeist was genuine, save a few instances where Janet may have exaggerated for more attention. She had also been caught hiding a voice recorder and bending spoons. 

The difficulty in this case lies with Janet. She absolutely was the age range that correlates with a vast majority of Poltergeist cases, and the activity being produced by herself or the spirit of Bill, if genuine, was hands-down, an impressive feat. For all we know, the practise of telekinesis in her spoon bending could have been requested or actively encouraged by the spirit of Bill. 

If this was an elaborate hoax, and let’s face it, the family were working class and single parented, so it’s quite likely that they saw an opportunity to make money and seized it, it was a damn good hoax! The photographs, Janet levitating, voice recordings, the furniture moving throughout the house, growls and snarls around them, and fooling investigators, even those of high acclaim such as the Warrens! Even if this was an elaborate hoax….

How did Janet know the details of Bill’s death? 

Black Eyed Kids Arrested?

Believed to have been first brought to the public eye in 1998 by a Texan Reporter Brian Bethel, stories of ‘Black Eyed Children’ have continued to be prevalent world-wide, with numerous news articles, Creepypasta posts, and even a horror film focusing on the desperate intruders. 

Whilst the majority of you will have no doubt heard of this relatively recent phenomenon, some of you may have been living in a ‘Black Eyed Children’-free world until reading this post (Your life will never be the same now that you’re aware of their existence!), So click here for Buzzfeed’s ‘insightful’ article regarding the ‘Black-Eyed Children’ during the increase of sightings in the UK in 2014. Although their terminology and satire is crude, their scepticism is not entirely unfounded. 

So, onto the main topic of this blog….. Two ‘Black-Eyed Children’ were arrested??!! 

Supposed arrested ‘Black-Eyed Child’

I first heard this story on an episode of Beyond The Darkness Podcast on PodcastOne only last month, and immediately found myself searching for the evidence online. Surely if two ‘Black-Eyed Children’ had been arrested it would have made front page news?! The story goes that two pale, creepy looking teenagers with completely black eyes were caught gaining access to a hotel after seemingly causing the Hotel Receptionist to hand over a Master Key in a trance-like state before rushing to pull the fire alarm four minutes later. The two were discovered in a maintenance cupboard stealing staff clothing with the intent of gaining access to guest-rooms by posing as staff at the hotel. According to this story, the two were arrested and once examined by a medical professional, were deemed to be completely healthy 18 year olds, with naturally completely black eyes but they were being held in Police Custody and there haven’t been any further comments made by the police since. 

I have only found This Video account of this story online, and it’s not particularly detailed, but it does contain a photograph of one of the supposed ‘Black-Eyed Children’. The fact that there really isn’t anymore to discover on this ‘arrest’ definitely suggests to me that this is nothing more than an internet hoax on this occasion, but if any of you have been able to find more details on this case, please do let me know! 

Get Spooky! 

Sarah-May xxx

The Highgate Cemetery Vampire

Taken during my Highgate visit 2015
Opened in 1839, Highgate Cemetery, London is an impressive 178 years old. In the Victorian Era, it was THE place to be buried if you wanted to show your wealth and stature in the community and tens of thousands of people were buried there during that time. It was also used as a Plague burial ground, being far enough away from central London to ensure the spread of the disease was kept to a minimum. 

As you can imagine, a Cemetery nearly 200 years old, with the history it has, definitely has its ghosts stories, and many of these are almost as old as the Cemetery itself. The one I’m going to write about today, however, became popularised in the 1970’s, though its roots may predate the Victorians. 

Late in 1969, reports of a tall dark figure in and around the cemetery had been sent to the British Psychic and Occult Society, including that of a male who believed he had been ‘hypnotised’ by something inside the cemetery whilst lost. The male (who requested anonymity for fear of ridicule) claimed that he had become lost after a late afternoon walk through the gothic cemetery, and unfrightened, tried to find his way to the nearest gate when he felt someone behind him. Upon spinning around, he found a tall dark figure a matter of a few feet away, hovering just above the ground and was unable to move as if ‘drained of energy’ by a ‘hypnotic force’. He remained this way for several minutes, all the while being watched by the figure before the figure promptly vanished and the man was left alone again. The fact that he had described this entity as wishing to ’cause harm’, definitely intrigued the British Psychic and Occult Society, believing that the entity was malevolent in nature, they interviewed several more people who claimed to have witnessed this entity. 

Taken during my Highgate Cemetery visit in 2015

It has been said that Bram Stoker had been inspired by the story of a young woman, Elizabeth Siddal, who had overdosed on Laudanum and was buried in Highgate with a volume of poetry that had been written by her husband, Pre-Raphaellite Painter Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Upon the realisation that she had been his muse and he no longer felt able to create as he had before, he received permission, seven years after her death, to retrieve the poems that had been buried with Elizabeth. When her coffin was opened however, they discovered her beautiful Auburn hair had continued to grow after death, (not in the usual way in which the skin shrinks back, this hair had GROWN!) so much so, that they actually had to move her hair aside in order to retrieve the volume of poetry! Supposedly, the character of Lucy Westenra in the novel ‘Dracula’ is based on the story of Elizabeth Siddal. 

Bella Lugosi as Dracula

By 1970, an investigation by the British Psychic and Occult Society was well under way and had attracted the attention of the local media as well as the Satanic Coven who used the cemetery for their rituals (sending threatening letters to the British Psychic and Occult Society for bringing attention to their temple in the catacombs under Highgate). The ‘vampire’ theories had started to snowball, and though the British Psychic and Occult Society tried to discourage these theories, by March 1970, a full scale ‘Vampire Hunt’, involving over 100 people took place! Some of these people felt they’d seen something ‘crawling’ amongst the tombstones, and quickly left the Cemetery. 

Sadly, no evidence of a Vampire was ever discovered, during this hunt or in the investigations before or after the hunt, and the British Psychic and Occult Society even attempted to conduct an exorcism to remove the entity that they had come to believe the Satanic Coven had invoked.  

So despite the lack of evidence, the legend of the Highgate Vampire is still prevalent today, making its way into popular culture such as Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and Dracula AD 1972. 

Have any of you visited Highgate Cemetery? Let me know what you think of the Highgate Vampire! 
Get Spooky,

Sarah-May x

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